Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Seven Things You Do Not Know About Me

My friend Angie tagged me today so I guess I am now IT.
1. I wanted to be an Archeologist when I was young. But as I grew older I realized that Idaho probably didn't have a market for Archeologists. And at that time I was not planning on moving from Boise.
2. When I was in sixth grade my favorite singer was Cher. I just loved her! I would listen to her albums (yes the old fashioned vinyl kind) and sing and sing and sing. I also liked the Sonny and Cher show!
3. I am always trying out different homeopathic remedies. I have finally found a couple that are going to be long term. JUS and Calli/Fortune Tea.
4. I hate housework! I'm sure most people don't like it but I really really truely hate it. I'm sure I must have been a princess in a former life time and had maids and servents that cleaned up after me.
5. I am a very shy person. I would give anything to be able to chit chat with anybody about anything. You know how some people can go into a room and just start chit chatting, I on the other hand freeze up like a clam.
6. If I could choose one profession to be good at I would love to be a famous writer. I would love to write books and articles and screen plays. However, I do not know the first thing about writing and where you get ideas and where you would even start. So I blog instead which has been so much fun!
7. I always wonder what I would have been like if my parents had stayed in California instead of moving to Idaho when I was six. What kind of friends would I have had? Would I have been a problem child? What would I be doing now for a living? Who would I be married to? Questions like that. But let me tell you....I wouldn't have traded growing up in Boise for anything.
OK, now I am suppose to tag my blog friends. Unfortunately (besides Angie who tagged me) I only have one other blog friend and her name is Tancy (and Tancy just started a new job being a school teacher and her and her husband are right in the middle of remodeling their home and they have four active kids so I'm not sure if she is going to have time to write about herself).
And last but not least, I don't know how to do a link to another page. So I think as far as this tag is concerned I'm OUT!


Angie said...

I love it!! I never knew you were shy! Thanks for playing along, now I feel like I know you more!

SpaceChimp with Lip Stick said...

Cher? Now I am taking you off my friend list!

Anonymous said...

Hey, what can I say I was 12 years old! LOL
I still like her though, she puts on an awesome concert!