Monday, September 29, 2008

Memory Sisters at the Farmers Market

There are a couple of sisters that own a company called Memory Sisters and they have a booth down at the Farmers Market. They hand paint on fabric and one of their most popular items is the Goddess Scarf that is silk and in the form of a Goddess. However you can only see the Goddess if you lay it out flat otherwise it looks like a beautiful multi colored silk scarf when you are wearing it.
About a month ago, I finally decided to purchase one of these beautiful scarfs (which are pretty expensive-but worth every penny) and as one of the sisters was wrapping up my purchase she said "Make sure you come back and let us know what kind of Goddess stories you encounter".
Well, I brought my purchase home, showed Jim and he said it was "Nice" (guys don't appreciate hand painted silk scarves like woman do) and then I put the scarf on my dining room table. The next morning I woke up and I was looking out the window to the back yard and I see something laying on the ground that was very colorful! OMG!!! I shouted and ran outside (in my PJ's) and there was my poor Goddess Scarf laying in a big heap.
Bohdan had taken it off the table and I'm not sure which dog did it but one of them ended up chewing off the top part of my scarf. The poor poor Goddess, she didnt even have a chance to adorn my neck before being chewed up!
When I was at the market last Saturday, I stopped by the Memory Sisters booth and told them my story. "A terrible tragedy" they said with a twinkle in their eyes and I could tell they were trying really hard not to laugh. They did chuckle though. One of the sisters said they could make me a commemorative scarf by hand painting the tragic scene onto a new scarf. I might just have to have them do that and have Jim get it for me for Christmas!!! LOL
Enjoy the pictures!
Signing off: Goddess Anita


Namaste said...

Namaste crazy there ain't no goddess in your scarf!

Anonymous said...

LOL, Thats OK persons Goddess is another persons naked lady!!!

Angie said...

This was truly a LOL post! I think it is so funny! I knew where you were going with the story once you said you left it on the table and that you have dogs!! I can just see you and hear you now!! The pictures aren't showing up, so please repost them, I HAVE to see them!

P.S. I've tagged you! Go to my blog to see. It's very fun and I want to learn more about you!

Angie said...

Oh sweet mother of mercy! That is QUITE the scarf!! I would love to see that on!! Very interesting! Dang dogs!