Sunday, July 6, 2008


Jim and I went to the NorthWest Motor Fest Car Show yesterday.

My mom and dad entered a couple of cars this year. A 1973 (I'm not positive on the year) Buick GT Convertible and a 1957 T-Bird Convertible (the same type you saw in American Graffetti). There were all sorts of activities going on at this shindig. They had the rock climbing for the 4-Wheelers (we got to see a jeep roll when it tried to go over a rock that was too big), and the Lawn Mower races, the Burn Out Contest (which you could hear all over the fair grounds), lots of food booths and vendors selling all sorts of car related stuff and one of the favorites, the Drag Racing.

My 71 year old dad loves to drag race. I had never been drag racing (on an actual track that is) and so when he entered his Buick I went with him. Boy, that car has a lot of get up and go. When the light turned green, the tires started squealing, the smoke started pouring out the back and then head jerked back and we took off like a bat out of hell! Man was that fun!! You will be happy to know that we won our heat and even got to rib our opponent a little bit.

The NWMF had all sorts of cars there, from the old Henry Ford Model T's, to Nash's, Roadsters, VW's (wagons and bugs), Cameros, Mustangs, Old Chevy's, Woody's, and a whole lot more. But my favorite were the Corvettes! Such a beautiful car. However, I did see a 2008 Viper (all black) that I will buy someday when I'm rich and famous.

That night, the Fest had a Parade (or Cruise) in downtown Boise. All the cars go downtown and all the streets are lined with spectators and there is a DJ playing 50's music and everybody is just having a good time showing off their cars and revving their engines and interacting with all the people. Mom and dad took Jim and I with them so we got to sit in the Buick's back seat and participate in the parade. That convertible is alot of fun because it was easy to talk to the people on the street and also the other cars going by.

It was a great way to end the 4th of July Weekend!

Signing Off: Anita


Car Guy said...

got photos?

Anita said...

Car Guy, I'm still learning how to down load pictures. I should have more as time goes by.

Bill said...

what does this mean? "Aren't papier mache cuts the worst?"

You're a dork aniter

your dad asked if we went to the show and I said no, I didnt know anything about it. I said I read the paper online and I dont think it was listed. He said it was on the KTVB website but I dont look at that one, oh well sorry I missed you in the parade and getting whiplash