Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ok, so Jim and I had the best vacation last week!

Jim and I were invited to spend a long weekend at a cabin (on a lake) in Wisconsin. Jim's friend Shawn and his lovely wife Annie own this gorgeous cabin (they built 3/4 of it themselves) somewhere about 2 hours drive outside of Madison. Our friends Jeremiah and his lovely wife Tancy also joined us and rounded out the group.

We played on the water with wave runners (my first time) and soaked up the sun while floating on our plastic rafts (the good kind with the drink holders) in the warm, beautiful, sandy lake. I also went fishing for the first time in my life. Thats actually hard to believe since I grew up in Idaho....but it's true.

I caught lots of catfish (we threw those back) and I caught a big mouth bass and I almost caught a HUGE Northern something (I forgot the name) but it was so big my little hook finally came dislodged. But he was fighting and was leaping out of the water and it was so exciting. He broke my line and he also ended up breaking Jim's line because he got tangled up. When Jim reached down from the dock to retrieve his bobber thingy, a big ol 22.5" Walleye was on it. It was such a shock to see that fish on Jim's line that we all started laughing and Jim and I finally pulled it out of the water and it flew onto the dock. We wouldn't touch it though because if you haven't ever seen a Walleye, they have BIG teeth! So Shawn was our cabana boy and took care of the fishy for us.

Most everybody the rest of the weekend caught tons of catfish, Jeremiah got a really good sized Bass, and Tancy caught a Walleye also. So needless to say, we had an excellent fish fry on Sunday.

Shawn and Annie also have a Pontoon Boat. Again, soooo much fun. It also had a little bar-b-q on board, so tooling around the lake, cooking hotdogs, fishing and looking at all the beautiful cabins along the shoreline was just heaven.

We also visited with their horses, talked around a huge bonfire, shot guns and clay pigeons, got drenched in a down pour, did a little archery (Jim was wounded in the forearm) but I guess that is what happens when you have big forarms. Tancy brought her XBOX Rock Band and we played in the evening. Singing, drums, guitar and bass. Both Jeremiah and Tancy were awsome on the drums. Jim enjoyed playing the guitar. I sang a little but Tancy and Jeremiah are about 12-15 years younger then I am so I didnt know any of the songs they had on their Rock Band list. So of course my score wasnt that great. I bet their ears hurt too when I was finished. LOL

Annie cooked for us all weekend and talk about gourmet food! We had everything from bratwurst and fries (actually Shawn made those), rotisserie port roast, baby back bar-b-q ribs, a german type potato salad, a chinese cabbage type coleslaw, corn bread, baked potatos, fish fry and a full breakfast every morning. Jeremiah did a really good breakfast one morning-I was very impressed. Tancy made and brought chocolate brownies and boy they were good.

And what did I do you may ask? Well, somebody had to clean the kitchen. I didnt clean it all the time, but I did help. :)

I think what made the weekend so fun was the company we had. Both Shawn and Annie and Jeremiah and Tancy are the nicest couples. I wish we lived closer to them so we could visit more, but I don't think I could take the extreme temperatures they have in that part of the country.

Anyways, the weekend was a success and Jim and I have decided if we can afford to buy a cabin, we are going to do it asap.

I will keep you posted.

Anita Signing Off

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