Saturday, October 11, 2008

One Test Down, Three To Go!!

Hi Everybody, Sorry I haven't posted in a while. As you know, I started Real Estate School last Monday and I took the excellerated course which crammed 90 hours in to 10 days. Up at 6am, (which is not my hour of choice to get up) and out of school at 6pm. Long days thats for sure. Not too much time to do anything else.

My instructor Mike Gamblin is the best! This man should be a motivational speaker. He has made everything we are learning very interesting. I am very thankful I choose his school to get my education from. (By the way Angie B, if you read this, he remembers you from when you took his class).

One thing I have learned......there is an art to studying and retaining information. And I do NOT have that gift!! That's why I THANK GOD I have a great instructor. And if it wasn't for Jim (hubby) trying to drill the math into my head I know I would be floundering.

But..........I am happy to say I passed my first test on Friday and I got a 96! I even got the ONE MATH QUESTION correct! Though I did have to put it on the back burner and come back to it later because it was frustrating me to no end. I was the last one to finish but I didn't care, I wanted to make sure I didn't rush anything. What's the saying? "Last but not least" LOL

So Monday I start Module II. I am excited to find out what we learn next. Oh by the way, my instructor looks JUST LIKE Anthony Perkins. And then one of my classmates looks exactly like Patrick Stewart (John Luc Picard from Star Trek) and another one looks just like the mom from Gilmore Girls. LOL

So I probably will not write anything next week either because I only have so much time to study, but I will let you know if I pass or not next Friday. WISH ME LUCK!!!!

Signing off: Almost an Agent Anita

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Angie said...

It sounds like you are going thru the same motions that I did! It is fun, exciting, hard, time consuming and stressful but oh so rewarding! I remember by the final test I was absolutely mentally and physically drained and I literally bawled for the last 1/2 hour of the test and all the way home even after I found out I had passed. I didn't think I would. Thank heaven's Mike was so kind and understanding! Then I got all worked up over the tests to get licensed and it was extremely emotional also! Good luck and please call me if you need me! I would really like you to sit down with my broker and visit with him about working for Realty One. I love it there!