Monday, August 18, 2008

Hot August Nights- Reno, NV 2008

WOW, Last weekend Jim and I went down to Fernley, NV to visit his Dad and to make sure he was doing OK since Jim's Mom had passed away not to long ago. That Saturday we went into Reno to have some breakfast and "What do you know?" The Hot August Nights was in town!

We had such a fun day. We ended up going to Sparks and finding a great parking spot. (If you know Jim, you will know that does'nt happen very often) and had breakfast at a great buffet (you all know how I love my buffets) at the Nugget.

Afterwards we roamed the streets (they were all blocked off to traffic) and saw the most awsome cars around. They were lined up everywhere. My favorites, the Corvettes were plentiful, all sorts of years, colors and they were all in great shape. My camera pooped out on me only 1/4 of the way through the day so I wasn't able to take pictures of the best ones. DANG!!!!

The people were all fun to talk too, and they had come from everywhere to participate. By the looks of it though, most of them were from California. Californians must lOVE their old cars.

Again, as soon as I get somebody to show me how to do a slideshow I will put ALL the pictures I have of the show.

It was a fun day looking at the cars, drinking iced tea and people watching and of course we did "A little" gambling. Lost our money though. That deserves another DANG!

We went on a "Trader Joes" run after the car show and got all my yummy Trader Joe stuff.

Enjoy the pictures (once I get them all posted).

Signing off: Anita

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